Western Australia,
Australia’s largest state, is exciting, vibrant and multicultural.
It is also known for its abundant natural resources,
laid-back lifestyle and sunny climate.

The state’s capital is Perth - the fourth most populous city in Australia, more than 2.57 million people call here home and it is projected to reach 3.3 million by 2022. Perth is consistently recognized as one of the most liveable cities in the world by the Economist Intelligence Unit for its high living standards, safe environment and prosperous economy. In addition to the population growth, Western Australia has also been enjoying robust performances in terms of industry. It continuous to be a significant producer of resource commodities – gold, iron-ore, nickel and liquefied natural gas, with major contributions from a diverse range of other industries start to perform strong on the scene including agriculture, education, health and aged care, and tourism.
RESOURCE COMMODITIES: It is a highly‑competitive exporter of minerals and petroleum commodities.
The mining industry is a large contributor to the economy.

AGRICULTURE: the second major export industry. Exported products include wheat, wool, meat, fish, wine,
ice cream and even fine leather.

EDUCATION in Perth is internationally recognized for excellence and the city has been rated as one of the
world’s best student cities (QS, London. 2012-2013). Perth offers world class universities, schools and
colleges in one of the warmest and most welcoming places.

HEALTH AND AGED CARE: a positive contributor to the economy through gross domestic product,
employment, trade, investment and innovation. WA’s rich experiences in telemedicine and other tele-health
services can be introduced abroad, and the low cost of living, good services and high quality of living is
making WA an ideal destination for the growing medical tourism and oversea retirement market.

TOURISM: Famed for its sunny weather, uncrowded beaches, unique wild animals, fresh seafood and
world-class facilities, WA attracts a wide variety of international and interstate visitors.

Meanwhile, Western Australia’s transparent, predictable and mature regulatory system helps ensure the
State remains a top low-risk investment destination in the Asia Pacific and Indian Ocean region.

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