We work with integrity, professionalism and effectiveness to provide

our each and every one of our members with sound business opportunity

and direction, fresh ideas and perspectives as well as solid relationships and

collaborations in an active global community.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all our members

for your continuous support.

Member Benefits:

+ Identification and introduction of new opportunities related to you;

+ Promotion of your business and ideas amongst the Association's network for new and

innovative synergies;

+ Facilitation of initial appointment with key stakeholders including meetings translations,

interpretations and cultural awareness preparations;

+ Member discount of effective project coordination and management to take the initial meetings

to the next level;

+ Member discount to participate to industry visits, exchanges and conferences organized by the

Association; many of these are exclusive;

please contact us at info@ausglobalexchange.org for further details.

AusGlobal Exchange Inc.
Phone:+ 614 2560 6396
Mailing Address:PO BOX 518 Hillarys WA 6923
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