We treasure each and every one of our volunteers, no matter you are available a few hours a week or a few days a month. Our volunteers come from diverse backgrounds. Many are college and university students, some are retirees and some are working professionals.

Volunteer Benefits:

+ Access to events and platforms to promote yourself;

+ Network with the professionals and make connections with the likeminded;

+ Access to community forums, activities and outings organized by the Association;

+ Make new friends while have a great time;

+ Contribute your knowledge, skills and experience in your spare time;

+ Be part of something great;

  and a lot more!

Volunteer Opportunities:

Below is the list of various opportunities to join us:

+ Office administrative tasks.

+ Event management and coordination helpers.

+ Media and marketing helpers.

+ Entertainment Performers.

+ Interest class instructors.

We continuously update the positions, please contact us

at info@ausglobalexchange.org for further details.

Become a Volunteer!

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