is an incorporated association
established in Perth,
the capital city of
Western Australia in 2017.

The goal of AusGlobal Exchange is to progress business opportunities, engage key
stakeholders and
facilitate win-win relationships and partnerships between Western Australia and the global business communities.

The Association operates under a formal committee structure, consisting of a number of experienced
and culturally aware professionals with significant international experience, and who have
a commitment to building stronger ties between Western Australian business and the
global community as a whole.
+ Promoting innovations, business opportunities and cultural exchanges
between Australia and global communities;  

+ Explore and establish business relationships and partnerships
between Australia and global communities;  

+ Enhance cultural awareness and understanding of businesses
between Australia and global communities.

It is our Values that the
Right People make Ordinary Extraordinary.

We work with integrity, professionalism and effectiveness to provide
our each and every one of our members with sound business opportunity and direction,
fresh ideas and perspectives as well as solid relationships and collaborations
in an active global community.
AusGlobal Exchange Inc.

As a bridge connecting Western Australian businesses and organizations
with a global vision to their prospective partners, and vice versa,

AusGlobal Exchange is aimed at
the Following Objectives:
AusGlobal Exchange Inc.
Phone:+ 614 2560 6396
Mailing Address:PO BOX 518 Hillarys WA 6923
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